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ProEquity advises Epsa Group on the purchase of industrial land in Seseña

  • The land will be used to create one of the largest industrial estates in the country, with up to 1 million square metres for logistics warehouses.
  • According to Daniel Galache, Head of Land at Proequity, this type of project represents "a new business model based on new technologies, safety and respect for the environment. With these pillars, the aim is to build the largest and most modern industrial and logistics estate in Europe".


Madrid, 16 January 2023 

The Epsa Group, with more than 60 years of experience in the mining and construction sector, has acquired 2,500,000 square metres of industrial land in Seseña, Toledo, advised by ProEquity, a leading consultancy firm. 

The project consists of a large area of industrial land which will be used to create one of the largest industrial and logistics parks in Europe. According to those responsible, the project promises to be pioneering in terms of development, safety, technology, services for workers and the environment. In addition, it is planned to develop up to 1 million square metres of state-of-the-art logistics warehouses, with the site being a major driver of the industrial and logistics sector in Europe. According to Daniel Galache, Head of Land at ProEquityThe new projects represent "a new business model based on new technologies, safety and respect for the environment". 

In terms of location, the municipality of Seseña in Toledo has a site to exploit which, as the experts indicate, has great potential in terms of new warehouses and platforms, given its ideal location that connects it with different strategic points of the peninsula by different routes. 

This operation is positioned as one of the most relevant at both regional and national level, generating a large volume of industrial land to promote the growth of industrial activity and encouraging investment in this type of asset. 

"This is undoubtedly a major operation that makes visible the potential of the national terrain to stimulate industrial activity," he said. Daniel Galache

The creation of logistics land: a priority for the sector's growth

Despite the current context, the industrial and logistics sector has experienced a strong growth in investment and development of new projects in recent months. In order to cope with this increase in demand, it is of great importance to have available square metres of land and the creation of such land.

Daniel Galache explains that this type of project, which involves the creation of new developable land, is a positive response to the demands of the market to cope with its growth. "To ensure that the sector can cope with current growth and continue to generate returns, attracting investment interest, it is important to prioritise the creation of land, as well as new logistics projects," says Galache. 

About ProEquity

ProEquity is the leading consultancy firm in real estate operations in the industrial and logistics sector. Founded in 2008 in an adverse scenario for the development of a new business, the company has been able to adapt to the demands of the market.
of a changing market.

The team that makes up the entity has more than 20 years of extensive professional experience in different segments of the real estate sector. This allows it to offer a comprehensive advisory service to its clients with the aim of obtaining the best results for their real estate projects, which range from the purchase, rental or development of initiatives for the creation of warehouses or turnkey logistics platforms. Likewise, advice is also provided on investment, land or the development of works.

In this way, Proequity has offered services to a wide range of clients, including investment funds, retailers and logistics operators, among others.

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