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The logistics sector is consolidating its position as one of the main drivers of employment and activity in Spain.


  • Looking ahead to 2024, it is estimated that salaries in the logistics sector will increase by around 3%.
  • The need to incorporate technological, innovation and sustainability profiles into the sector is increasing.

Madrid, 16 January 2024. The logistics sector is one of the leading sectors in terms of employability and professional development on an international level. In recent years, it has experienced a boom driven by the demand of new phenomena such as the increase in e-commerce, globalisation and the outsourcing and expansion of companies.

Moreover, according to Proequity, a leading consultancy firm in logistics operations, the profiles most in demand in recent months by logistics companies are technological, focused on innovation and sustainability. It is also expected that during the year 2024, this type of talent will increase within the sector.

During 2023, this sector generated a total of 94,700 jobs, 5.6% of the working population in Spain, and despite being a business area perceived as an activity of great effort, currently, 9 out of 10 workers are satisfied with their jobs and conditions,according to the Salary Trends Report 2024 of Randstad Research, an increase in salaries is also expected to be around 3%.. La consultora inmologística prevé además, que algunos perfiles considerados como fundamentales y con una alta demanda puedan experimentar una subida superior.

Constant training and the offer of incentives as a way of retaining talent

Despite the potential development that is being experienced in this sector, Proequity considers the constant and appropriate training of the future occupants of these jobs to be of vital importance. Thus, this year, companies are opting for the application of economic, corporate and employee welfare benefit policies, such as work-life balance programmes.

Entre los trabajadores noveles hay una gran demanda de un mayor equilibrio entre la vida laboral y la personal, y aunque el teletrabajo es una modalidad muy valorada, en el sector logístico a menudo se necesitan empleados que puedan estar presentes físicamente, lo que dificulta la atracción de talento joven.

To strengthen and reward all those workers who are available, companies choose to provide employees with services such as parking (58%), free water and coffee (57%), health insurance (49%), computers (47%) and canteen (46%), among other services.


 The keys to exponential growth

The pandemic caused a significant change in the organisation of companies, especially in terms of logistics, making the logistics sector one of the biggest beneficiaries. Companies have had to adapt to different situations to ensure correct and efficient distribution and also to changes in demand. In addition, there has been the creation of a new consumer, who demands much more digitalisation, e-commerce and fast and secure distribution, so the success of this sector has been based on the complete adaptation to this new user and his new needs.

For that reason, senior supply chain executives across industries and geographies are reporting that they intend to make their supply chains much more flexible, agile and resilient.

"The increase in logistics employment shows a clear growth in the sector and its importance to the Spanish economy," says David Martínez, director general de Proequity. "Faced with the problem of retaining talent, a fact faced by several professional fields, it is necessary for companies to offer benefits and constant training to their workers, as well as a salary increase that guarantees their commitment to the sector,"he adds.

About Proequity

Proequity is the leading consultancy firm in real estate operations in the industrial and logistics sector. Founded in 2008 in an adverse scenario for the development of a new business, the company has been able to adapt to the demands of the market.

The team that makes up the entity has more than 20 years of extensive professional experience in different segments of the real estate sector. This allows it to offer a comprehensive advisory service to its clients with the aim of obtaining the best results for their real estate projects, which range from the purchase, rental or development of initiatives for the creation of warehouses or turnkey logistics platforms. Likewise, advice is also provided on investment, land or the development of works.

In this way, Proequity has offered services to a wide range of clients, including investment funds, retailers and logistics operators, among others.

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